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Kaja Bjørntvedt (b. 1981) is a Norwegian composer with international engagements.

She creates innovative acoustic and electro-acoustic soundscapes for theatre, contemporary dance, art-installations and films, as well as writing for various music ensembles. In her work she explores the connections between sounds, movements and visuals, as well as searching for different ways of presenting music to an audience.

Having studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Trinity College of Music in London and Leeds College of Music, she holds a Bachelor in Piano Performance, a Masters in Composition, and qualifications in Culture and Leadership. Kaja also started teaching music from a young age and has a passion for sharing knowledge and promote creativity amongst her students. She has extensive experience from teaching in the UK, Hong Kong and Norway. She has published several teaching books and holds an LTCL Diploma in instrumental teaching from Trinity Guildhall College.

Her music is published by Norsk Musikkforlag and Tetractys Publishing, with some of her music is included in the Trinity Guildhall Graded Exams Syllabus. Her works have had international performances in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden and Norway, including broadcasts on British, US, Swedish and Norwegian National Radio.

In addition to working as a composer she was also previously the General Manager of Oslo Quartet Series, where she was a keen advocate for commissioning new work from Norwegian composers, and now working as an advisor for Music Norway. She recently set up the non-profit foundation Holmlia Kulturhavn, which is working toward opening a new culture arena in south of Oslo. 

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